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Laparoscopic Surgery

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30th Annual Summer Picnic

2015 Pet Adoption Day

6th Annual Pet Connection Adoption Event

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Endangered Species

Examining a bald eagle patient

Annual Adoption Day 2013

Over 150 Adoptions!

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Bowersox performing a TPLO


Performing an electrocardiogram

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Watch live video inside your pet's ear

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A Second Opinion in Momemts

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Computer Enhanced Imaging

By choice we remain a small veterinary hospital, allowing all of our staff to get to know you and your pet. To accomplish this, we limit the size of our client base and schedule 30 minute appointments providing the necessary time to meet your needs. Our veterinarians have served the Capital Region’s companion animals, exotic pets, wildlife and endangered species for 42 years.

What’s New…

We are overwhelmed with the success of our 6th Annual Adoption Day held July 25th on our grounds. We far exceeded all previous records and the numbers speak for themselves…30 rescue groups and shelters adopted out over 200 pets and we raised over $14,000 for Steve Caporizzo and Pet Connection. The groups were given several hundred blankets, pet beds, bowls and toys and each went home with approximately 500 pounds of premium pet food! See pictures and more on our Pet Connection page.

The Animal Hospital staff is very proud of what our clients have said about us. We value and appreciate your opinion. See over 800 reviews below!

We have, in conjunction with Steve Caporizzo, created over 50 videos on your pets health that teach you how to use a first aid kit. Making your own pet’s kit could save their life! Here is a list of what you need. You can watch any of these videos on our Resources/ Health Topics Page

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