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Endangered Species

treating Endangered Species
We are proud to state that Dr. Ed Becker (holding a mature female bald eagle at right) has been the consulting veterinarian for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Endangered Species Unit for over 25 years. In addition to a veterinary license, he is also a licensed NYS wildlife rehabilitator and holds a federal Migratory Bird rehabilitation license. He participated, with Peter Nye, who directed the Endangered Species Unit in the Bald Eagle Re-introduction Program. Baby bald eagles were transported here from Alaska and “hacked” or raised in high towers with limited or no exposure to humans, unless they required veterinary care, and that is where we came in. This eight-year program was extremely successful and accounts for the many bald eagle sightings that occur today around our state. In addition to two outdoor rehabilitation habitats, The Animal Hospital has one of the largest state of the art “flight cages” in New York. This is where a recovering eagle, hawk, owl, or peregrine falcon exercises and strengthens his or her flight muscles, acclimates to climate change with the seasons and even learns to hunt for food.