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Nutritional / Holistic Counseling

The basis for overall health, whether for a two- or four-footed animal, is a proper diet with additional supplementation to provide each individual animal with the elements to promote his or her health.Veterinary Nutritional Counseling For that reason, at each wellness examination we will discuss pet food brands, sources, and supplements with you, starting with the “pediatric” visits and tailoring your pet’s diet to his or her lifestyle changes, activity, and age. We recommend that you favor diets that are as unprocessed and chemical-free as possible and are tailored to your pet’s metabolic needs.

We will keep a close eye on your pet’s body condition score to make sure that we can help you to prevent the diseases and physical breakdown that occur with obesity. If individual assessment warrants it, we will also recommend “nutraceutical” supplements that are not “medicine,” but rather nutritional elements added to the diet to prevent cartilage deterioration, dull coats and seborrhea, and premature weakening of the immune system. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your pet’s diet.