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Digital Radiology

We are proud of our True Direct Digital Radiography system by Sound/Eklin of California. Over 80% of all US Veterinary Colleges have this same system, confirming it’s quality and unsurpassed performance.

This noninvasive diagnostic procedure produces images in 4 seconds often without the need for tranquilization , sedation or anesthesia. This equates to less time on the xray table and therefore less stress for the patient. Occasionally when complete muscle relaxation is required (hip x-rays) or when the patient is uncomfortable (traumatic injury such as a bone fracture), short-acting general anesthesia may be required. In addition to standard views, we perform many specialized procedures such as GI series and contrast studies of the kidneys and urinary bladder. All these images can then be instantly reviewed on any of our 26 workstations throughout the hospital.

These digital images are then seamlessly stored as part of your pet’s permanent medical record. In the event that we suggest a second opinion by a board certified veterinary specialist, we can send the file electronically over a secure internet connection and often have results back in hours.

There are three sample radiographs below: the left one shows a dog with two round bladder stones, the middle is a turtle with a radio transmitter implant, and right is a fractured tibia leg bone. Can you identify each?

Radiograpg Bladder StoneRadiograph TurtleRadiograph Fracture