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Wellness / Preventive Care

Like your physician does for you, we recommend, a routine annual wellness exam for our patients but, keep in mind … your pet’s lifespan is much shorter than yours and thus, they age faster than we do.
In general, cats and dogs age an average of seven years for every one of ours (the ratio is close to ten to one for the first year and five to one for the geriatric years.) So having an annual physical exam for your pet equates to your seeing your doctor once every seven years. Of course, when we think of it this way, we realize that much can change in seven years. We recommend an annual physical exam for all our patients with the goal of preventing disease above all, and early diagnosis of illness and proper treatment to restore your pet to health. During the yearly wellness examination our veterinarians will discuss the patient’s diet and will print for you, if you wish, a graph of his or her weight from previous visits. We will then evaluate your pet’s individual risk assessment including such factors as your pet’s exercise level, contact with or exposure to other pets and wildlife, your home environment, emerging diseases in your area, possible travel plans and any other lifestyle situations