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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Many years ago when our veterinary practice was just a few months old, a kind person found an injured Red Tail hawk on the road and brought her to us for help. She had a fractured wing that we were able to operate on and after months of rehabilitation, the patient flew back into the wild! This positive, powerful experience galvanized our entire staff to become involved during the infancy of a group, that years later, became the New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. It is difficult to describe the feeling one gets when a bird of prey looks into your eyes…it is as if he or she is looking into your very soul.
In the early days, we were the only animal hospital that would treat injured or orphaned wildlife free of charge. We saw many different species of patients and our expertise grew with each difficult case. We expanded our knowledge to include Endangered Species and for years have treated 300- 500 individual wildlife patients per year.