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Medical Services for everyone

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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Many years ago when our veterinary practice was just a few months old, a kind person found an injured Red Tail hawk on the road and brought her to us for help. She had a fractured wing that we were able to operate on and after months of rehabilitation, the patient flew back into the […]

Endangered Species

We are proud to state that Dr. Ed Becker (holding a mature female bald eagle at right) has been the consulting veterinarian for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Endangered Species Unit for over 25 years. In addition to a veterinary license, he is also a licensed NYS wildlife rehabilitator and holds a […]

Nutritional / Holistic Counseling

The basis for overall health, whether for a two- or four-footed animal, is a proper diet with additional supplementation to provide each individual animal with the elements to promote his or her health.Veterinary Nutritional Counseling For that reason, at each wellness examination we will discuss pet food brands, sources, and supplements with you, starting with […]

Behavior Counseling

Our pets have become increasingly regarded as members of the family at the same time that our lifestyles have changed to include more 2-career families; therefore, pets spend more time indoors and more time alone, receiving less exercise and attention than previously when one family member was available to supervise and interact with them. The […]

Stem Cell Therapy

The following conditions have been treated by companion animal veterinarians with reported favorable outcomes: Canine osteoarthritis – hip, elbow, knee, shoulder Canine immune mediated polyarthritis Tendon and Ligament injuries Integrated with surgical repair of joints or ligaments Are you wondering if stem cell therapy is right for your pet? Veterinarians who use Vet-Stem services the […]

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our surgical suite is fully equipped for most common soft tissue procedures such as ovarohysterectomies, neuters, hernia repairs, laceration repairs, tumor removal, exploratory surgery, intestinal anastomosis, intestinal foreign body removal, bladder stone removal and organ biopsies. We do not perform “cosmetic” surgery such as canine ear crops and tail docking as we feel these procedures […]

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